Manual Insertion Conveyor
Manual Insertion Conveyor

Item specifics

Products Name
Manual Insertion Conveyor
Conveyor type
Conveyor speed
0.5-20M/min or Specify
Power Supply
110V-220V 50/60HZ



Manual Insertion Conveyor
Details of PCB Manual Insertion Conveyor
Specification parameter
1,Overall dimension:  2400mm long * 1062mm wide * 1825mm high, subject to the actual situation!
2,Plug standard: Voltage requirement 220V 50/60Hz
3, Cycle time: about 30 ~ 40 seconds
4, Base plate size:  L50 * W50 ~ l550 * w550mm
5, Transportation direction: Right to left
6, Chain type: 5mm split conveyor belt
7,Conveying height: 910 ± 30mm
8,Height of base plate components: lower avoidance > = 50mm
9, Maximum load: 10kg
10,Width adjustment system: adjust the width manually
11,Conveying speed:  1-6 M / min, variable speed control
12, Lighting device: LED grille lamp (automatic for human body)
13,Material rack: material rack (2 layers) 1 layer fluent material rack 
14,Circuit board thickness: 0.6~4.5MM
15, Approximate weight: 130 ~ 140kg
16,Number of stop plates: 1pcs
17,SMEMA type: standard circular SMEMA
18,Control mode: Panasonic PLC programming system + Siemens button + governor
19,Safety device:  emergency stop + audible and visual alarm
20,Appearance color: fine sand white + electrophoretic profile primary color
21, Safety protection: the safety control circuit of the whole equipment
22, Transmission power:  AC motor or stepping motor (without power)
23, Equipment structure: standard electrophoresis profile frame + sheet metal structure