Panel buffer
Panel buffer
Panel buffer

Item specifics

Products Name
Panel buffer
Cycle time
Approx 5 second
Max load pcb weight
3 KG
Max PCB Capacity
40 pcs or Specify



Multi Function Vertical Buffer 
1. Overall dimension is about: 2100mm long * 960mm wide * 2510mm high
                  (the final drawing shall prevail)
2. PCB size: Maximum PCB length 630mm * width 540mm
                   Minimum length 330mm * width 250mm
3. Conveying height: 960 ± 30mm
4. Transportation direction: left to right or right to left (optional)
5. Power supply: 220V / 50Hz 280W
6. Supply air source: 4-6kg
7. Product capacity: 50 pieces / or specified by the user
                    (spacing of each layer is 40mm)
8. Maximum loading capacity: 3kg / PCB
9. Step selection: 40mm step / or user specified
10. Cycle time: About 12-15 seconds
11. PCB thickness: 0.3mm-4.0mm
12. Conveyor belt type: 30mm flat belt
13. Approximate weight: about 210kg
14. Width adjustment mode: manual adjustment
15. Safety protection: the safety control circuit of the whole equipment adopts
                   (Japan Omron) safety lock switch
16. Lifting system: linear high-pressure resistant slide rail module lifting
17. Appearance color; It adopts dongriyi electrostatic powder spraying with white smooth surface
18. Mode selection: first in last out, first in first out, or pass mode
19. Product buffer time: 2.7mn
* * optional items * *
1. Automatic height adjustment at swing outlet

Multi operation mode panel buffer : 

First in first out 

Late in first out